Meet Blogger Billykiss

Picture being a young content creator with over 20,000 Instagram followers being able to inspire people all over the world through fashion. Well this weeks featured blogger Billykiss, has accomplished just that.

Billykiss is a Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle blogger living in Dublin, Ireland. Her fashion blog is well known for providing you with all the latest styling tips while also showcasing her beautiful wardrobe selection with links to where you can shop her look. If you are more into Beauty & Lifestyle, look no further. Billykiss has an array of hair styling tips and hair product recommendations along with blog post dedicated to giving you a glimpse into her life.

One of the most unique highlights of Billykiss blogs is her Travel Diaries. She loves to travel the world and has logged her experiences through her blog post for everyone to enjoy. Read on to see what has motivated Billykiss to become the blogger and influencer that she is today. 

We as people are motivated in so many different ways to go out and pursue our dreams. When interviewing Billykiss, I was eager to find out exactly what motivated her to begin her blogging journey. 
When asked: What made you start creating content on social media? Billykiss stated: “To build a brand”. Building a brand can often be so challenging, I wanted to make sure that our readers would be able to gain tips on how to successfully build a brand. When asked: If you could share one tip for someone who also wants to start creating content on social media, what would it be? Billykiss stated: “Know your brand and know your niche”. With endless opportunity in the blogging industry, I could not end the interview without learning what Billykiss biggest goal was. When asked: What’s your biggest goal as a blogger/creator? Billykiss stated “To inspire people like me”.

Billykiss continues to use her passion for fashion to inspire people all over the world. Remember “People who inspire others are those who see invisible bridges at the end of dead-end streets”                  
   - Charles R. Swindoll


*Connect with Billykiss*

Instagram: @Billykiss




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