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Life has a way of creating a series of events and obstacles that often leave you feeling stressed and confused. What I have learned is that everyone experiences some type of obstacle in their life but what makes each and everyone different is how they respond and what they learn to then continue on in a positive direction. Theodora is a great example of how you can overcome adversity and turn it into the beginning of an amazing journey.

Theodora is a fashion and beauty blogger who lives in South Africa. She is well known for providing fashion and beauty tips daily through Instagram while also creating fashion ensembles for the fashionista looking for ways to obtain a luxury outfit while still being budget friendly. Read her interview below to learn exactly how Theodora overcame a devastating hurdle that transformed her into the blogger she is today.

Please Introduce yourself 

“My Name is Theodora, I am 20 years old and I live in South Africa. I am a fashion and beauty enthusiast. I am currently a student. I am studying computer science with the University of London through the distance learning program.”

What made you start creating content on social media?

“I had just graduated from high school and failed to get into the university that I originally planned to attend. I was in this space where I was depressed and just felt alone and that's when I started doing makeup here and there and taking pictures that I would post into my Instagram and then I started taking it seriously when my best-friend was pushing me to push more content and become an  influencer.”

If you could share one tip for someone who also wants to start creating content on social media, what would it be?

“Just start! Don't overthink it! Just create content. You will figure it out as you go and improve over time.”

 Whats your biggest goal as a creator/blogger?

“My biggest goal is to create a bigger community of people I can inspire, share my knowledge with, give advise to and just genuinely be there for that community in anyway possible.”


Theodora is a true testament on how to not allow an obstacle to define you, but to use it as a stepping stone in your path to success. Remember "The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it" - Moliere


*Connect with Theodora*

Instagram: @salty_soda_


Photo Credit: Instagram @salty_soda_

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